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    Home Renovation and Construction Services

    Carolina Custom Design and Trim (CCDT) is committed to providing excellent and hassle-free service for your home renovation or remodeling project. Since 2005, we have developed an unmatched reputation for quality, integrity, and professionalism throughout Triangle.  We work closely with our clients to provide unique designs that match your desires while staying within your budget and time frame. Contact us to find out how easy it is to start the process today!

    Creating Inspiring Places that:

    • are fast and affordable
    • are designed with love and care
    • are enjoyed year round
    • increase the value of your home

    Whether you are planning to sell your home, move into a new home or just expand your current home, we can help ensure that your home renovation or improvement project is a tremendous success.  Our home renovation and construction services offer the latest trends and design materials, assuring you the very best results for your money.

    Your home is a big investment, let our team improve the return on that investment by providing you with quality custom craftsmanship at a reasonable price. Giving your home the look and feel you’ve always wanted within your budget and on time.

    You can count on Carolina Customer Design and Trim to be there every step of the way, turning your dreams into reality.

    Bob Matthew’s
    9 Steps to a successful contracting project

    Develop a Project Road-map
    A project road map isn’t a definitive plan, but an overview to better understand what needs to happen to complete the project.  It’s a good way to determine the performance metrics and if the project is on or off schedule.
    Defining Roles and Responsibilities
    Defining the roles and responsibilities makes it easier to get the plan into motion and completed on time.  Knowing who is responsible for what and who can and cannot approve different parts of the plan upfront is a critical step in the process.
    The Total Stakeholder Meeting
    Is a great place to ensure that everyone understands what is required of them, any remaining questions about the project get answered and builds a coherent project vision.
    Setting Scope and Baselines
    Next you need to get the scopes and baselines in writing to ensure that everyone knows their role in the project and makes it easy to measure the success of the project.  This also helps to prevent scope creep in a project because it becomes the contractual obligations of all parties.
    One of the most important elements of a construction project is getting everyone to agree to a schedule.  A schedule identifies all the necessary segments and steps to the project, then sets a required timeline for each of those to be accomplished and who is responsible.
    Developing the Modification Process
    A clearly defined modification process is very important to the success of any project.  It helps key stakeholders understand the chain of command in the review and approval process associated to change orders.  Things happen and changes need to be made, defining the process before the start of the project ensures that these disruptions are minimized.
    Developing and Implementing the Quality Plan
    Having a quality control and assurance plan ensures the quality of work and materials, and more importantly prevents costly last-minute rework.  The more frequent the inspection, the less rework that is required resulting in quick and less expenses fixes throughout the project.
    Developing a Communication Plan
    A well-defined communication establishes who the point of contact is for every situation faced on a project.  It ensures that stakeholders are being contacted for the appropriate situation and if escalation is required, how and when it’s appropriate to do so.
    This final step will save countless hours of time and money by ensuring all parties are on the same page with the project game plan.  It’s also a good time to go over procurement to ensure that the right parties understand what needs to be purchased and when.  Once everyone is clear, it is time for the construction to start.
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